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We Draw - Paint and Guess!


Who doesn't like to draw? Who didn't play guessing drawings with your friends? Now you can do it all in your own device, easy and free.We Draw is a multiplayer game, where, in turns, a player sends a picture and your opponent must guess what did you just drawn. As you keep painting and guessing, you'll earn more rewards and unlock new words, categories and colors, so you can keep on drawing more creative stuff over and over. Endless drawings, endless fun!
13 categories and more than 2000 words available completely free. With drawing tools like soft brush or eraser, you'll have complete control over your little illustrations, more than you've seen elsewhere before. So easy to handle even a little kid could dominate it. In a matter of minutes you begin to paint your own masterpieces.
Among all the categories, you'll find: Cinema & TV, celebrities, art, videogames, manga - anime, animals, and much more.